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Whey Protein

Whey Protein

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Buy Authentic Whey Protein Online India

Research indicates whey protein supplements promote substantial improvement in lean body mass and reduction in body fat. If you intend to build muscle, or get a lean, strong and attractive physique, consuming 150-200 grams of whey protein supplements along with your resistance training program will do wonders!

So, how does whey protein supplements work?

Quick-digesting whey stimulates protein synthesis. Whey supplements are quickly emptied from the stomach that leads to a large and rapid growth in plasma amino acids. It transforms into a speedy but transitory surge in protein synthesis, while the breakdown of protein remains unaffected.

Whey protein supplements also contain higher levels of leucine, a powerful amino acid that stimulates the synthesis of protein. However, the whey proteins benefit is short-lived and therefore, you must consume repeated doses of whey for sustained high levels of amino acids in the blood and continuous bursts of protein synthesis for effective protein balance in the muscles; forming leaner and stronger muscle structure.

Recommended Dosage

Whey protein is highly effective before and after a workout. However, you must consume whey protein shake 20-60 minutes before a protein-rich meal. Doing so, allows you to have a vigorous training session in the gymnasium; which speeds up the pace of achieving your goal.

Seasoned trainers suggest that you should ideally consume whey protein supplements equivalent of your body weight. For women, the ideal intake is 100-150 grams a day of whey protein shakes. For men, the intake is 150-200 grams per day. Of course, don't forget to consume regular meals that are high in protein.

Buy Whey Protein Online With Reliable Shopping Portal - Muscle Dose

With such amazing benefits of whey, it is equally important to obtain only genuine and junk-free whey protein supplements. Muscle Dose is a premium supplier of best whey protein in India. We have robust partnerships with original manufactures and re-sellers of the globe, and we directly source the supplements from them. Our Quality Team meticulously inspects the whey protein supplements before approving it for putting on our store's shelf. But that's not all.....we bring to you highly affordable whey protein powder price in India through our shopping portal.

But, don't blindly follow our cue, read our delighted customer testimonials first, and decide upon the whey protein online shopping.

Make the right use of Whey Protein Supplements for lasting results

There are different supplements available in the market and online stores for weight loss and weight gain. These supplements claim to give quick results in less time span. But to make sure that you don’t become the victim of the any kind of fraud it is necessary to choose the right type of brand that has got good customer reviews. Whether you want to go for BodyBuilding supplements or Protein Supplements that can keep your body fit and healthy, always check with your doctor before making any kind of decision.

Benefits that you need to know:

Before you move ahead and search for whey protein online, you need to understand its benefits. Its right dosage can only give you the right effects.

  • Whey protein is the prime source to improve the composition of the body. Rich with antioxidant properties, such supplement boost up the immunity system of the body and fight against bacteria and viruses.
  • This supplement also holds the properties that can fight against the cancerous cells. Many doctors often use it in the cancer treatment to slow down the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Other than maintain a good body weight, it also decreases the total LDL cholesterol level and controls the asthma problem.

Whey Protein Price in India is certainly different than that of other countries but it has similar properties with better results on your health that stays for a long time. So choose the right one and see the difference.

Whey protein supplements are used by those people who are physically active and look forward to maintain their body. Milk has only 20% of protein which is certainly not sufficient for weight gain. If you go for highest quality of protein powder, you will understand how effectively your body is responding to it. There are numerous benefits of it but to achieve the desired results you must take it in the right quantity and follow it as advised by the health adviser.

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