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Nutrex lipo 6 Caffeine

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Nutrex lipo 6 Caffeine

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Helps in reducing body

fat Converts fat into energy

Increases endurance of body

Is stimulant free

VNN's Creatine Monohydrate is nano micronised powder that makes it 100% absorbable with zero wastage. Creatine is the most popular and widely used supplement in the history of body building, as it has the ability to increase lean muscle mass in as low as two weeks. It is also responsible for improving performance in high intensity exercise, increasing energy levels, and speeding up recovery rates. Creatine's ability to enhance energy reserves in muscles comes from its muscle protein synthesising action, while minimizing protein breakdown. This occurs because it has the awesome effect of super hydrating muscle cells with water. It enhances muscle's growth making muscle fibres bigger and stronger.

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